Bill Nye is taking the internet by storm once again, and this time it's not for his brains – it's for his grit.

Reddit and Imgur users have picked up on an image of Nye walking down a stretch of highway, pensively smoking a cigarette, and transformed it into one of the gnarliest memes on the internet this week.

The original image comes from a National Geographic feature called "Bill Nye's Global Meltdown," in which Nye experiences the stages of climate change grief after a visit with his doctor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The photo makes Nye look like a genuine hard case, and the internet is paying tribute.

Here's the science guy in 'Nye Hard.'

Nye Hard


There's Bill Nye in Breaking Bad.

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The Dark Night.


And James Bond.

OCPlease feel free to use for whatever, its not like i own any of the images.

The end is Nye... almost. 


Because he's still the Science Guy, here's some sci-fi Nye as well. 

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