Andrew Coyne used Twitter on Monday to announce that he has resigned as editor of editorials and comment for the National Post, but would continue as a columnist with the paper.

Coyne said his decision was made in response to a decision by the Post not to run one of his columns leading up to the federal election.  

Postmedia, which owns the National Post, has endorsed Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. The website Canadaland published a story last Friday saying the paper had spiked a weekend column by Coyne in which he endorsed a different party.

Coyne offered his reasoning for stepping down in a series of numbered tweets this morning.

He announced which party he would cast his ballot for and his prediction for tonight's election results over Twitter as well.

Coyne's decision to step down has received mixed reaction online.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May applauded his decision.

So did the CBC's Rosemary Barton.

And these Canadians.

Others have been more critical. 

And then there was this election prediction.  

Coyne regularly appears as a commentator on CBC.

He is scheduled to take part in CBC's election special Monday night starting at 6:30 p.m. ET.