The ZENN electric car seats two people and is roughly the size of a Mini-Cooper. ((Courtesy ZENN Motor Company))

Transport Canada confirmed Friday it has authorized a Toronto-based electric carmaker to produce a vehicle for the Canadian market.

The ZENN (zero emissions, no noise) electric car has received the National Safety Mark, a legal label that indicates the vehicle meets Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Toronto-based ZENN Motor Company makes the 100 per cent electric car, which is built in St. Jerome, Que. Roughly the same size as the Mini-Cooper, it would sell for approximately $14,000.

It's sold in mostAmerican states, Mexico and Europe.

Company founder Ian Clifford had accused the federal government of blocking him from selling the cars in Canada, saying officials from Transport Canada gave him different responsesevery time he approached them.

The car is considered a low-speed urban vehicle with a regulated maximum speed of 40 km/h. It's designed for areas where speed limits are 50 km/h or less, such as city core or neighbourhood-type driving, said Clifford.

Transport Canada says it will be up to the individual provinces and territories to legislate where the vehicle can be driven.

Currently, British Columbia is the only Canadian province to legislate this type of vehicle.