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Fredericton has no major tree planting planned for 2014

The City of Fredericton says no major tree planting will occur this year, as cleanup from post-tropical storm Arthur continues.

Fredericton begins curbside post-Arthur tree cleanup

The City of Fredericton is continuing its recovery efforts following post-tropical storm Arthur, with residential curbside pick up of tree debris on Monday.

Long wait for collecting debris from Storm Arthur nears end

Large piles of tree limbs, leaves and other debris still line the streets of Fredericton almost three weeks after post-tropical storm Arthur bought down thousands of trees in the city.

Craig Leonard dismisses calls for NB Power public review

Energy Minister Craig Leonard says he is not convinced an independent assessment of NB Power's handling of three major power outages over the past year is necessary.

Storm Arthur affects July power bills

Some NB Power customers may be surprised by the amount due on their July bills after going several days without power following post-tropical storm Arthur.

Florenceville-Bristol home nears collapse after Arthur

A Florenceville-Bristol family is looking for help after most of the bank behind their house was swept away during post-tropical storm Arthur.

Baby eagle blown from its nest by storm Arthur on the mend

A young bald eagle is recovering from a 24-metre fall after post-tropical storm Arthur blew its nest down in Coles Island, N.B.

Arthur recovery in Fredericton could take years, says EMO

The head of Fredericton's EMO says it could take the city years to recover from post-tropical storm Arthur.

Tree cleanup post-Arthur underway in Fredericton

Residential tree cleanup following post-tropical storm Arthur is underway in Fredericton and Saint John.

99% of Arthur power outages restored

NB Power has surpassed its goal of having 99 per cent of customers who lost power during post-tropical storm Arthur back online by Tuesday evening.

Lack of phone, internet concerns Kingston Peninsula residents

Electricity is slowly coming back across the Kingston Peninsula but some residents are more concerned about when they will have access to phone and internet service again.

New Brunswick will seek federal relief for Arthur damages

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams says the New Brunswick government will seek federal disaster relief funds to help lessen the financial burden of cleaning up after post-tropical storm Arthur.

Generators, chainsaws in short supply post-Arthur

Storm-shaken New Brunswickers are buying up generators, propane tanks and chainsaws, leaving some Fredericton stores short of supplies.

Arthur power outages expected to be 99% resolved on Tuesday

NB Power expects to have 99 per cent of its customers who lost power during post-tropical storm Arthur more than a week ago back online by Tuesday evening.

Kings Landing reopens 8 days after Storm Arthur hit

The Kings Landing Historical Settlement is open on Sunday for the first time since post-tropical storm Arthur forced it to shut down eight days ago.