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City of Regina collecting on $7 million in unpaid parking fines

Letters have been sent to numerous Regina residents notifying them of years-old parking fines. The City of Regina is looking to collect on the old tickets.

Sask. changes stance on sleep-apnea machines

Starting October 1, the province will allow patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea to receive a machine on loan at a cost of $275 for the life of the machine.

Beaver Creek scales back hours after cut to Meewasin Valley Authority funding

As of Oct. 1, Beaver Creek, located just outside of Saskatoon, will be closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

Saskatoon city manager says reserves can't be used to fund deficit

Saskatoon city manager Murray Totland says the municipality's reserve funds shouldn't be seen as a rainy day fund to backstop provincial transfer cuts.

Sask. school boards ask parents to speak out about minister getting more control

The head of the province's school boards association is asking parents to start speaking out if they are worried about local trustees losing their autonomy over decisions affecting classrooms.

Meewasin Valley Authority closing river access sites, reducing staff after budget cuts

Saskatoon's Meewasin Valley Authority has made a number of cuts to deal with a $443,000 funding shortfall.

Finance minister says school boards may need to lay workers off

Saskatchewan school boards are being told to cut wages or benefits for employees by 3.5 per cent and freeze those rates for three more years.

Provincial cuts, downloading costs Saskatoon $59M, city says

From nearly-free land for new schools and interchanges, to cuts to provincial grants, the City of Saskatoon says provincial cuts and downloading will cost its residents $59 million this year.

City of Regina mulls 6.49% tax hike after provincial budget cuts

The City of Regina is recommending raising taxes by an additional 2.5 percentage points and cutting $572,000 from the Regina Police Service's budget.

Educator calls for compromise in Regina Public Schools impasse

A educator says he's not surprised that the Saskatchewan government and the Regina Public Schools division are at odds over planned cuts.

Regina Public Schools might cut communication program for youngsters

A program that has helped young children who have difficulty communicating get ready for kindergarten may lose its place in the Regina Public School division.

'A punch to the gut': Special needs programs cut at Regina Public Schools

Three preschool programs for children with special needs will be cut from Regina Public Schools in the wake of the provincial budget.

Sask. education minister to have more control over school spending

Saskatchewan's education minister has introduced legislation to give his office more power over spending in the province's school divisions.

City of Saskatoon still mulling over how to tackle $9M funding shortfall

In the public portion of Saskatoon's Tuesday city council meeting, a $9-million funding shortfall was confirmed.

Buses, kindergarten face changes as Regina Public Schools deals with budget shortfall

Thousands of students within Regina Public Schools will be affected by cost-cutting measures which RPS says will save about $3.14 million.

'It's very discouraging': Promise to boost spending for autistic kids delayed

The government says it cannot afford to keep an election promise to provide individualized money for children with autism this year.

Innovative Sask. companies could see decade or more of corporate tax cuts

The provincial government unveiled its patent box on Tuesday, which will see more corporate tax breaks for 10 years to eligible corporations.

'Everything is on the table': Regina Catholic School Board identifies 68 options after provincial cuts

The Regina Catholic School Board says it isn't ruling out any options when it comes to dealing with a $1.5-million reduction in provincial funding.

Sask. adjusts tax credit for labour-sponsored venture funds

The provincial government is scaling back some of its proposed changes to labour-sponsored venture funds in Saskatchewan.

Don't shut down library-to-library loans, urges minister despite funding cuts

Education Minister Don Morgan is asking Saskatchewan libraries not to shut down library-to-library loans, which are due to end next week in response to a $4.8-million provincial budget cut to library funding.

Laid-off library workers speak out about budget cuts

Library workers who received pink slips in the wake of the Saskatchewan budget were at the assembly on Monday afternoon.

Library manager 'debunking' province's budget cut defence

Provincial funding for Saskatoon and Regina libraries were completely cut in the budget, and that’s a $1.3-million reduction. Regional libraries had their funding cut by $3.5-million.

'I will be living a life in silence': Sask. teen speaking out against cuts to hearing aid program

Anger is growing over cuts to the 44-year-old Hearing Aid Plan announced in last month's provincial budget among parents and kids.

'Lay off our Crowns': Saskatoon residents protest STC closure

'I’m a bus rider, not a Roughrider,' chanted protesters at the Saskatoon bus depot Friday afternoon as they rallied against the end of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company.

Sask. government walks back cuts to grants-in-lieu for some municipalities

Nine communities, which were disproportionately affected by the cuts, will now have their losses capped at 30 per cent.

'They shouldn't have to suffer': Government changes funding for special needs daycare workers

Some daycare staff who work with special needs students could soon be out of a job due to changes in the provincial budget.

Saskatoon may have no legal grounds to challenge budget cuts, says prof

Saskatoon may have no legal grounds to challenge funding cuts, according to a political science professor.

Spiritual care in Sask. health facilities falls victim to budget cuts

Saskatchewan is about to become the only province in Canada that will not pay to heal the spirit, along with the body, according to the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care.

Bookworms to protest library cuts outside MLA offices

Libraries will take a major hit following the provincial budget announcement last week.

Saskatoon city council pursuing legal measures, other revenue following loss of provincial grants

Saskatoon's city council met on Sunday afternoon to discuss the $11.4 million funding shortfall facing the city after last week's provincial budget.

Why is phasing out Sask. Pastures Program a 'sucker-punch' to our natural prairie?

Writer, naturalist and activist Trevor Herriot condemned move by province in last week's budget.

STC offered taxi rides in place of 48 cancelled bus routes during budget closure

Taxi rides spanning hundreds of kilometres were offered to passengers on more than 40 cancelled bus routes after the Saskatchewan Transportation Company shut down temporarily on Wednesday.

Big changes in Saskatchewan's budget you might have missed

Most of us know about the new provincial budget expands the PST, but there's some other changes that might affect the average Saskatchewan resident.

Speak out to save STC, say bus riders

Supporters of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company are hopeful Premier Brad Wall will reverse the decision to shutter the 70-year-old bus service in May.

Grant cuts could deal $10M blow to Regina, says mayor

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere has raised concerns about the impact to libraries and a possible multi-million dollar hit to the city from Wednesday’s provincial budget.

STC shutdown leaves cancer patients looking for a ride

Cancer patients who rely on STC service to get to treatment in Regina and Saskatoon will have to find a new ride come June 1.

Iconic Sask. grain cars to be sold off

The province of Saskatchewan will be selling off nearly 1,000 hopper cars as it winds down the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation.

Sask. expands HPV vaccine program to include boys

One of the changes announced this week in the provincial budget includes $750,000 to begin an HPV vaccination program to protect men from cancer.

Sask. restaurant industry bracing for '$140M' PST impact

The Saskatchewan hospitality industry says it is bracing for a $140-million blow to restaurant sales after Wednesday’s provincial budget enforced a six per cent tax on meals.

Taxing new home construction 'draconian', builders say

Builders say slapping Saskatchewan's PST onto all new construction and renovation contracts sends a chill across their industry.

Grant cuts in budget could cost Saskatoon $11.4M

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark says a shock provincial budget cut could cost the city more than $10 million and create a 'fiscal crisis' in 2017.

Government redesigning welfare programs to get 'able-bodied' people off the dole

Saskatchewan’s finance minister says the Ministry of Social Services budget is the highest it has ever been, in part because too many “able-bodied” people are on income assistance for too long.

Saskatchewan's 'austerity budget' comes too late

A first glance at the Saskatchewan budget suggests that Finance Minister Kevin Doherty has looked everywhere for savings as he tries to hoist the province out the deep financial hole that's largely of the government's own creation.

Sask. Pastures Program being phased out

A long-standing program that provides ranchers with access to Crown land is being phased out by the provincial government.

Province cuts money for libraries

The latest chapter in budget cuts is bad news for Saskatchewan libraries.

'It's going to be quite a nightmare': Passengers outraged by STC closure

The government is shutting down the Saskatchewan Transportation Company after more than 70 years of continuous service to hundreds of communities across the province.

Sask. budget hikes sales tax to 6%, kills provincial bus company

The government of Saskatchewan is expanding and raising the provincial sales tax, scrapping its bus company and cutting its spending on public sector wages as it tables another deficit budget.

Finance minister unveils re-soled old shoes on eve of budget

Finance Minister Kevin Doherty says his re-soled shoes symbolize the government "meeting the challenge" with the 2017-18 budget.

Direct cuts at administration, not students: Sask. Teachers' Federation

Teachers across the province are nervously waiting for this week's provincial budget.

How to follow CBC Saskatchewan's budget coverage

CBC Saskatchewan will be home to all your budget coverage on March 22.

Wall 'softening up public opinion,' preparing public for tax increases: U of R prof

It looks like people in Saskatchewan will need to dig into their pockets after this year's budget.

Balancing the budget: a look-ahead to Saskatchewan's options

The provincial budget will be delivered on Wednesday, and the government has a $1.2 billion deficit to address.

Sask. government failed to save for rainy day, some urge to start now

The boom is over, but some say the Saskatchewan government should begin planning now for the day resource prices rise again.

The chopping block: Which Sask. workers are getting cut in advance of budget

This week, the provincial government announced layoffs to cleaning staff, Executive Air employees and and Sask Gaming workers, which amounts to an estimated savings of close to $5 million on a projected $1.2-billion deficit.

Education workers holding breath as budget day approaches: education rep

Jackie Christianson says there is uncertainty as to just how big of a hit education will take in the upcoming provincial budget.

Provincial government eliminates Executive Air service

Since 1965, the provincial government has used the air service to fly MLAs, the lieutenant-governor and senior government officials across the province.

Millions spent maintaining little-used Sask. roads

Some Saskatchewan highways get as little as 30 vehicle trips per day, but the government says closures are not an option as it prepares its March 22 budget.

3.5% wage reduction already worked into Sask. budget

SGEU is challenging the provincial government's assertions that cuts and rollbacks need to be made in the public sector.

Coaching hours, extracurricular activities at risk: Sask. teachers

Citing 'consistent' governance, Saskatchewan's education minister wants to scrap local contracts spelling out teacher prep time, noon supervision, leave days and extracurricular activities.

Unnecessary health care costs Sask. hundreds of millions a year: researchers

Saskatchewan taxpayers could save $800 million a year by eliminating unnecessary tests, medication and surgeries, say researchers.

'It's a strong and vibrant industry right now': $368M farm subsidies unnecessary, says professor

Farmers and an agricultural economics professor say it could be time to take a look at subsidies for pesticides, gasoline and other farm inputs as Saskatchewan faces a large deficit.

'We're on the front lines': Social agencies bracing for provincial budget

Faced with a projected deficit of $1.2 billion and an overall debt of $14.8 billion, the Saskatchewan government and its agencies have in recent months chopped funding to HIV programs, Indigenous policing and homeless shelters.