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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Inquiry closes in on cause, suspects

Families of the almost 300 people who were killed when a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine a year ago attend a sombre memorial service today. They are still looking for answers, Susan Ormiston reports.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Ukraine, Australia mark sombre 1-year anniversary

Residents of the Ukrainian village where a Malaysian airliner was shot down began a procession to the crash site on Friday, while the Australia remembered the "savagery" of the disaster by unveiling a plaque that's set in soil from the place where the plane went down.

Malaysia Airlines MH17: Russia rebukes push for UN tribunal

Malaysia has asked the UN Security Council to set up an international tribunal to prosecute those suspected of downing a passenger airliner last year in eastern Ukraine, but Russia dismissed the move on Thursday.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 debris collected in Ukraine

Four months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over rebel-held eastern Ukraine, The Associated Press has obtained video that shows how close the burning passenger jet came to hitting village homes.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Russian TV claims to have photo of jet's downing

Russian state TV released a satellite photograph that it claims shows that a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down MH17. But the U.S. government dismissed the report and online commentators called the photo a fake.

Malaysia Airlines MH17: Bodies of victims arrive in Kuala Lumpur

Carried by soldiers and draped in the national flag, coffins carrying Malaysian victims of Flight MH17 returned home Friday to a country still searching for those onboard another doomed jet and a government battling the political fallout of the twin tragedies.

Ukraine crisis: Russian trucks clearing customs at rebel-held border

Parts of eastern Ukraine were wracked by fierce fighting Thursday as government troops sought to snatch back territory from separatist rebels, while a Russian aid convoy to the hard-hit city of Luhansk began to make tentative steps toward its destination.

Ukrainian government troops take over much of Luhansk

Government troops fought to gain control of the rebel-held city of Donetsk and a key highway in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday — battles that left 34 residents and nine troops dead in just 24 hours, authorities said.

Ukraine conflict: Russia must 'step back from the brink,' NATO chief says

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Thursday called on Russia to pull its troops back from the border with Ukraine and "step back from the brink."

Ukraine conflict: 730,000 have entered Russia to escape fighting

About 730,000 Ukrainians have left the country for Russia this year due to the fighting in eastern Ukraine, the European head of the United Nations agency for refugees said on Tuesday, pointing to a far bigger exodus than previously thought.

Malaysia Airlines MH17: Human remains collected at crash site amid clashes

Investigators using sniffer dogs recovered more human remains and personal belongings at the Malaysia Airlines wreckage site in eastern Ukraine on Saturday, the head of an international recovery mission said.

Ukraine conflict: Investigators start search at MH17 jet crash site

With the sound of artillery fire in the distance, dozens of international investigators arrived Friday at the zone where a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in eastern Ukraine and began preparations to comb the rural area for victims' remains and jet debris.

Ukraine conflict: Investigators reach Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site

As fighting continued to rage in eastern Ukraine, an international team of investigators on Thursday managed to reach the crash site of the Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 for the first time since it was brought down by a missile two weeks ago.

Ukraine: Clashes prevent visit to MH17 debris site

Almost two weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 went down, clashes on Wednesday between Ukrainian forces and separatist rebels again prevented international experts from reaching the crash site — deepening frustration for victims' relatives and the governments whose citizens died.

Ukraine crisis: Seniors' home, school shelled

Shelling in at least three cities in Eastern Ukraine Tuesday hit a home for the elderly, a school and several apartment blocks, adding to a rapidly growing civilian death toll.