Three Cities, Three Rat Races

Our feature examines how traffic and transit are key issues in municipal elections in Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto.

As three of Canada's largest cities grapple with civic elections, one issue defines and divides voters: how to handle traffic congestion in a way that is affordable, and politically palatable.

We present reports from Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto, showing how each city is politicized by its transportation woes.

Ian Hanomansing  in Calgary files on the need to retrofit the city with public transit to deal with suburban sprawl - decades after an LRT extension line was approved, but not built.

Reg Sherren  in Winnipeg highlights the battle over bike lanes as the city tries to increase two-wheel traffic.

Matt Galloway  tours Toronto's highways with outgoing Mayor David Miller to have a frank discussion about a city in need of a radical solution - one that could create even more political divides along urban and surburban lines.


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