The U.S. military was crucial to the relief effort in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and one group in particular played a pivotal role: The crew of the  USNS Comfort.

The ship, based out of Norfolk, Va., is the world's largest floating hospital. Designed to support major combat operations, it has 1,000 patient beds and state of the art medical facilities.

In Puerto Rico it had a different mission — supporting local hospitals damaged by the storm. The ship's medical team saw about 500 patients a day, ranging from sniffles to surgical cases. 

"We were actually taking delivery of entire intensive care units that were shut down because they lost power or oxygen or both," says the ship's director of surgical services, Commander Howard Pryor.

Take a tour inside the USNS Comfort, from the flight deck to the medical deck.

Inside the world's largest floating hospital2:44

With files from Jennifer Barr