Diana Swain takes a closer look at the invisible, psychological wounds of war. 

First, she explores why the Canadian military sends soldiers who've been diagnosed with PTSD back into rotation.

Also, she looks at a new treatment being used to treat PTSD called 'Virtual Reality Therapy'. The treatment is like a video game that replicates traumatic wartime scenarios.  As Diana discovers, it is proving to be effective, so why isn't Canada jumping on board?

If you are a soldier with an Operational Stress Injury like PTSD or think you may be, or if you are a family member of one, you may contact the Force's Operational Stress Injury Social Support network (OSISS) at 1-800-883-6094 or visit their web site at www.osiss.ca .  

If you are a soldier and are feeling depressed or suicidal you may contact the CF Member Assistance Program  at 1-800-268-7708.