From the grocery store to the gas station, Canadian consumers are facing some nasty surprises at the till.

World events have triggered a big jump in the cost of oil and gas, and according to the United Nations, that could further destabilize already volatile world food markets.

Globally, the average cost of basic food items has been climbing steadily for the past eight months. Cereal prices, including wheat and corn, are up more than 70 per cent from last year.

The price of sugar reached a 30-year high last November, and it keeps rising. It's now 16% higher than a year ago. And dairy products, like milk and butter, are also well beyond historically high levels.

Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver,  Amanda Lang in Toronto, Saša Petricic in Marystown, NL, and Ioanna Roumeliotis in Toronto report.on how gas and food prices are affecting Canadians across the country, and whether there's any relief in sight.