Nervous Brazilian soccer fans took to Twitter to breathe a collective sigh of relief as the final, tension-filled moments of a penalty shootout against Chile broke an all-time record for online buzz during a live event.

Almost 389,000 tweets were generated in the minute after Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara's penalty shot hit the right post and allowed the five-time World Cup champions to avoid an early exit from the tournament that it's hosting for the first time since 1950.

That broke the previous mark set during this year's Super Bowl. About 382,000 tweets were sent just after the Seattle Seahawks' Percy Harvin returned a kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown to open the second half of the NFL chamionship game, according to data compiled by the microblogging site.

Overall, the NFL showpiece game generated nearly 25 million tweets, trouncing the 16.4 million during Saturday's World Cup round of 16 match, the most-tweeted yet during the tournament.

Other Twitter record-breaking events

Tweets per second: Japanese TV viewers taking in a broadcast last Aug. 3 of animation icon Hayao Miyazaki's 1986 film Castle in the Sky helped eclipse the record for tweets in one second, which hit 143,199.

Tweets per minute from a political event: Barack Obama's Sept. 6, 2012, speech at the Democratic National Convention set a new record, generating 52,757 tweets per minute at one point. That was clobbered during the election two months later at the moment the big U.S. TV networks called the race for him, when 327,452 tweets were sent out

Most tweeted tweet: The star-studded selfie that Ellen DeGeneres posted while hosting the Oscars earlier this year became the most successful tweet ever, with more than one million retweets in under an hour. It has since hit 3.4 million. It broke the previous record of about 770,000 retweets for an image sent out by Obama on the evening of his re-election.

With files from CBC News