More and more of us are carrying music collections in our pockets and watching TV on our laptop computers, making wireless devices a potential gold mine for companies trying to cash in on the lucrative market.

So it's no surprise that electronics makers are vying to outdo each other at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week as they roll out gadgets and services for folks on the go.

Here's a roundup of some of the more intriguing announcements:

  • Iriver announced a deal with Podcast Ready, creator of portable podcast management software, to ship MP3 players with pre-installed podcast software. Users can plug a compatible iriver device into any internet-connected computer to access Podcast Ready's myPodder software to update, subscribe to and manage audio and video podcasts.
  • Com One expanded its Bluetooth portfolio with the introduction of surround-sound speakers. The speakers add 3-D surround sound for gaming consoles and MP3 players.
  • ArcSoft announced its mobile broadcast TV system, allowing consumers to watch live TV broadcasts from their portable devices.
  • AngelMobile is teaming up with AlmaVision, the largest Hispanic Christian TV network in the United States, to develop a new mobile content channel for the Hispanic Christian family and youth market. The channel will "push" new mobile content for cell phones and will feature original educational and motivational programs targeted for the young Hispanic market in Los Angeles.
  • Skyhook Wireless is partnering with ReignCom, a Korean manufacturer of media devices, to launch a Wi-Fi enabled iriver portable media player. The device comes with "location awareness," allowing consumers to find places and things around them. Unlike GPS or cell tower systems, the device works indoors and in dense urban areas. Users can listen to music, watch movies, or play games on the go, and can retrieve information about what is around them, such as banks, transit stops and tourist destinations.
  • Yahoo! Inc. launched a new search service for mobile devices. Called Yahoo! OneSearch, it allows consumers who want to see the results of a sporting event for example to type the name of the team into the search box to get the final score of the most recent game and information on the next scheduled game. They can also click through to get a team profile and roster, official website, sports photos, related news articles and web images.
  • Research In Motion (RIM) and Yahoo! Inc. teamed up to bring Yahoo! Go to BlackBerry users for a personalized on-the-go internet experience. The personalization includes current headlines and breaking news tickers.