An HD-DVD video disc of 'The Bourne Supremacy,' alongside a Blu-ray disc of 'Superman Returns.' ((Associated Press))

Warner Bros. Entertainment has decided it will release films only on the Blu-ray format, the company said Friday.

That means it will stop issuing films playable using the competing HD-DVD technology.

Sony Corp. makes the Blu-ray, while the HD-DVD is backed by Toshiba Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

Warner will stop issuing HD-DVD movies at the end of May, the company said.

While a win for Sony, both sides have had victories in the technology fight.

In August, Paramount Pictures Corp. and DreamWorks Animation SKG backed HD-DVD.

In November, Sony head Howard Stringer said the Blu-ray was in a "stalemate" with the competing HD-DVD format."It's a difficult fight," he said.

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