A conservation group has released graphic video of men clubbing seals to death in the southwest African nation of Namibia.

Earthrace Conservation said Thursday that the video, captured in 2011 by a covert filmmaker, shows dozens of seal pups being clubbed to death by men wielding pick ax handles.

An official with Namibia's Ministry of Information said he had no response to the video.

Earthrace Conservation says Namibia and Canada are the only two countries that allow seal culls. The group says Namibia argues that culls are necessary to protect its fishing industry and that it provides employment and income for Namibia.

But the group says South Africa's ban on seal culls had no detrimental effect on its fishing industry.

Pete Bethune, founder of Earthrace Conservation said: "When South Africa stopped hunting seals, there were concerns there would be an explosion in the seal population. There wasn’t, and their fisheries didn’t collapse.

"Instead, in the years since, there have been several devastating natural mass die-offs – the last only in 2006 - amongst the Cape Fur seal populations, resulting in the deaths of 95 per cent of seal pups and half the adult seal population."

Earthrace Conservation urged Namibia to halt the culls and urged people to boycott it as a vacation destination.