Medical staff behind the HIV infection of nearly 150 children in Uzbekistan have been jailed for negligence, a news website says.

At least 14 of the 147 children who were infected in the eastern city of Namangan in 2007 and 2008 died, the news portal said in a documentary.

In the film, regional prosecutor Bakhtier Shodmonov blames the infections on negligent hospital workers who failed to observe sanitary rules.

"The main reason for this situation is that the main doctors and their deputies and the chief nurses did not perform their work with full responsibility," Shodmonov told Reuters in Uzbek. "Sanitary rules were not observed, and they did not take any anti-epidemiological measures. The staff were negligent in their duties."

Unsterilized syringes and intravenous drips caused the infections, relatives of the victims said in the film.

"Today in the hospitals of Namangan, Andjizhan and other towns in the Ferghana valley, in that part of Uzbekistan, the picture is the same," Shodmonov told Reuters.

"There is a total neglect and disregard for medical rules. This is caused by a lack of money, medicines and necessary medical equipment."

The documentary was made earlier this year for state television but was never broadcast because Uzbek authorities had second thoughts.

With files from The Associated Press