On Monday Sharp TV lowered the boom at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the world's largest liquid crystal display television, featuring a 108-inch screen.

But the mammoth set has hardly been representative of the new TV-watching introduced at CES, as more mobile devices have dominated the show.

Most of the product launches and partnership announcements have dealt with innovations in portability, picture quality and compatibility with computers and the internet.

Here's a look at some of the more notable announcements regarding TV:

  • Sling Media introduces SlingCatcher. The company that brought the Slingbox— the device that allows consumers to shift their TV programming to a PC, Mac or mobile phone— have introduced a product that switches directions. The Slingcatcher will allow streaming from a computer to a television through a wireless connection.
  • SanDisk creates thefirst Flash DVD Player. The company said its new USBTV storage device would allow personal video and movies to be ported from a computer to a television using a simple USB plug-and-play device. SanDisk also introduced its first pocketable video player, called the Sansa View.
  • DISH Network introduces TV On The Go, allowing users to watch satellite TV from their vehicles, even while in motion.
  • LG Electronics unveiled its disc player to accommodate both Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition formats. LG hopes the new player can help break the stalemate between the rival formats and get people buying into high definition television.
  • Texas Instruments is showing a prototype digital projector based on DLP that can fit on a cell phone. With the projector, the cell phone can beam DVD-quality video to a screen or white background.
  • America Online and Sony partner to make AOL Video available through Sony's BRAVIA internet video link. The new deal will let users access the internet and play free videos using a TV remote control.
  • In the world of flat screen TVs, Samsung, Panasonic, Phillips and Hitachi have all unveiled new high definition screens, with the latest LCD models mixed in with a larger stable of plasma screens.
  • MediaZone debuted Social TV, as a mix of internet television, MySpace and instant messaging.
  • Microsoft Corp founder Bill Gates announced on Sunday it would turn its Xbox 360 into a receiver for Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, which uses telephone lines to deliver high-definition television signal over a closed network.

The Consumer Electronics Show runs untilJan. 11.