Health Canada needs a way to track reports of side-effects such as headaches linked to exposure to Wi-Fi, MPs say.

The Commons health committee held hearings about microwave safety last month where they heard of children complaining of symptoms after Wi-Fi systems were installed in schools, as well as health officials and experts who defended Health Canada's safety guidelines for Wi-Fi.

The committee's report, "An Examination of the Potential Health Impacts of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation," was released Thursday.

The committee recommended:

  • Health Canada should ensure a process exists to receive and respond to reports of adverse reactions to electromagnetic-radiation-emitting devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi systems, similar to how adverse reactions are tracked for medications.
  • Federal government should consider funding long-term studies on the potential health impacts of such exposure.
  • Health Canada should request that an independent institution assess Canadian and international scientific literature on the potential health impacts of short- and long-term exposure to the radiation and report on its findings.
  • Health Canada and Industry Canada should raise awareness and promote safe use of wireless technologies.
  • The two departments could offer to provide information, including awareness sessions, on exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The MPs requested that the government table a response to the report.