A Toronto startup hopes crowdfunding could help it develop the next-generation keyboard for mobile devices and more.

Minuum, billed as "the little keyboard for big fingers," is a virtual keyboard that rearranges the traditional qwerty keyboard into a single row. In addition to freeing up the mobile screen real estate, it also promises to anticipate typing and get the words right even if users miss every single letter.

Whirlscape, the Toronto-based startup behind the software, is turning to crowdfunding to complete the project. Launched on the international crowdfunding site Indiegogo on Monday, the campaign has raised more than $3,000 on its first day, moving closer to its $10,000 goal.

"While our mobile devices are becoming smarter and faster, the keyboard has coasted into the 21st century essentially unchanged from the days of the typewriter," Will Walmsley, CEO of Whirlscape, said in a press release.

"Realizing we could minimize the keyboard while maintaining accuracy was the 'Eureka' moment."

Walmsley said his virtual keyboard can also be paired with wearable devices, such as glasses, watches and rings.

The crowdsourcing campaign will fund Minuum's apps for smartphones. The beta version will be available for testing in June.