A Toronto-area technology startup is pre-selling a series of postage stamp-sized sensors that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and let you remotely monitor the environment in your home and garden.

Markham, Ont.-based WiMoto is offering four different models of the devices, called "motes," including one designed for home security that features an infrared motion detector and accelerometer; and another targeted at gardeners that detects when your plants need water and how much light they're getting.

The sensors are being pre-sold via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for $39 each or five for $149 ($30 each). Since the campaign was launched in early May, the company has raised $64,530, far more than its $22,000 goal. There are 18 days left in the campaign, and the company expects to deliver the devices in September.

CBC Radio technology columnist Jesse Hirsh provided more details about the device, what it could be used for and the implications.