A Toronto-based company that bills itself as the first online social network developed for Canadians is testing a YouTube-like service that offers live video feeds.

BlogTV.ca lets people register for a free account and both stream and record live video from an internet-connected camera.

The service, developed through a partnership between Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. and Toronto-based GS New Media, launched a beta or test version on Dec. 5, 2006.

Users can list their video feed or broadcast under one of nine "channels" or categories that include music, sports, "games, sci-fi and fantasy" and even an adult content channel called After Hours.

The company says all content available through blogTV.ca will be accessible only to Canadians and is monitored and moderated around the clock.

BlogTV.ca was scheduled to host a meeting of bloggers and internet observers at a downtown Toronto lounge on Wednesday evening to showcase the service and collect feedback on what it should do next.

Since the beta test launch, blogTV.ca has been seeking input from bloggers and internet enthusiasts to determine how it will further develop its offerings.

The Canadian version is related to the BlogTV service launched in 2004 by Tel Aviv, Israel-based Tapuz, a publicly-listed company based in Tel Aviv that specializes in internet communities.