Some new iPad users can't stand tablet's heat

The latest version of Apple's iPad tablet hits a temperature of 46.7 C after 45 minutes of running a video game app, a test by Consumer Reports has found.

Test finds new iPad heats up to 46 C, but Apple says it operates 'within thermal specifications'

The new Apple iPad hits a temperature of 46.7 C (116 F) after 45 minutes of running a video game app while plugged in, a test by Consumer Reports found after following up on user complaints.

"When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period," wrote Donna L. Tapellini on the website for the consumer product testing and review publication.

The publication ran the test on the new iPad, which hit store shelves last Friday, after consumers complained online about the device possibly overheating and being too hot to hold comfortably.

Apple has not responded directly to the article or particular complaints, but said in a statement emailed to CBC News that the new iPad can deliver its advertised display performance, power, battery life and 4G connectivity "all while operating well within our thermal specifications."

Customers can contact Apple support

It advised any iPad owners with concerns to contact its AppleCare customer support service.

Consumer Reports measured the temperature of the new iPad using a thermal imaging camera after running the game Infinity Blade II while plugged in with the device's 4G connection turned off in a room where the temperature was 22 C.

The article noted that the new iPad ran about six degrees Celsius hotter than the iPad 2, which has a smaller battery. The new iPad was a little cooler when running just off the battery instead of being plugged in.

Consumer Reports also cited one other issue besides the temperature — the new iPad did not charge and instead continued to lose battery power if plugged in while the game was running. Normal charging resumed when the game was not running.