Health Canada is urging consumers not to use products sold as "social tonics" by the company Purepillz, saying they contain unauthorized drugs.

The department says four products that go by the names "Peaq," "Freq," "PureRush" and "PureSpun" are promoted on the company's website as safer legal alternatives to street drugs.

But they contain compounds that reportedly have effects like amphetamines and the drug MDMA, and can't be legally sold in Canada this way.

Health Canada says the products can cause hallucinations, convulsions and slowed breathing.

They can increase body temperature and blood pressure, dilate pupils and increase euphoria, alertness and paranoia.

Health Canada says it has repeatedly asked Purepillz to remove the products from the market and is taking enforcement action because the company has not complied.

The products contain benzylpiperazine (known as BZP) and 3-trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine (3-TFMPP), compounds that require a drug identification number (DIN) before they can be legally sold in Canada.

Health Canada says BZP and 3-TFMPP have no therapeutic uses and while BZP is frequently claimed to be a "natural" substance, it is not a natural health product.

Health Canada says it is carrying out an assessment to determine whether it would be appropriate for these substances to be regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.