Rogers Wireless completed its role in the Inukshuk Wireless Broadband network on Monday with the announcement that portable internet was immediately available to customers in 55 communities.

The Inukshuk Wireless Broadband network project, announced in 2006, is a joint effort between Rogers and Bell Canada to build and manage a Canada-wide wireless broadband network, with coverage in rural and remote areas, licensed by Industry Canada. To access the network, portable internet subscribers need only a power outlet.

Rogers said Inukshuk is one of the largest IP wireless broadband networks of its kind in the world. The project serves customers in 152 communities across Canada.

"With the expansion in coverage of our Portable Internet service, now even more Canadians can experience the benefits of connecting to the internet quickly and conveniently, whether at home, school or on the road," said John Boyton, the company's senior vice president and chief marketing officer, in a release.

Service was expanded Monday to include six communities in British Columbia, nine in Alberta, 32 in Ontario, seven in Quebec and one in New Brunswick.

With the expansion, Rogers also fulfilled the federal government's requirement for spectrum licence.