Philadelphia’s Cira Centre skyscraper turned into giant Tetris game

A Drexel University professor has turned two sides Philadelphia’s Cira Centre skyscraper into a giant game of tetris.

Drexel University professor Frank Lee beats own world record for largest video game display

Drexel University Prof. Frank Lee used hundreds of LEDs to create a playable game of Tetris on the side of Philadephia's Cira Centre on April 5. On Monday, he found out his effort was enough to capture the Guiness World Record for largest architectural video game display. ( Joseph Kaczmarek/AP)

All the pieces have fallen into place for the designer of a giant Tetris game.

Drexel University professor Frank Lee has earned the Guinness World Record for largest architectural video game display. Again.

Lee and two colleagues created a computer program to play the classic shape-fitting puzzle on two sides of a 29-storey skyscraper in Philadelphia.

They used hundreds of lights embedded in the glass facades of the Cira Centre. All told, the "screens" totalled nearly 11,000 square metres.

Dozens of Tetris enthusiasts played the supersized version in April using a joystick from about two kilometres away.

The record announced Tuesday beat the previous one also set by Lee. Last year, he recreated the classic Atari game Pong on a side of the same building.

You can watch a video of the game in action below.