As forecast, the northern lights danced across the sky Thursday night, and many people were able to catch the show.

Following a powerful eruption from the sun, the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center had forecast high geomagnetic activity from Wednesday to Thursday, which would result in northern lights. 

While it didn't manifest on Wednesday, two more eruptions — which were much stronger — slammed into Earth Thursday night.

Northern lights Ontario

Dave Patrick captured the aurora from Alma, Ontario, between 9 and 10 p.m. Thursday night. (Dave Patrick)

Northern lights Saskatchewan

A ribbon of of northern lights stretches across the sky near Melville, Saskatchewan. (James Edgar)

The display was seen across Canada, even as far south as southern Ontario. There were reports that they were also seen across parts of the northern U.S.

Northern lights

The northern lights illuminate the sky just west of Conestoga Lake, Ontario. (Laura Duchesne)

Ontario northern lights

Bright green and purple northern lights, or aurora borealis, light up the sky in Alma, Ontario. (Dave Patrick)

People were also able to see it around the world, despite the bright moonlight.

Aurora northern lights Finland

The northern lights take over the sky near the village of Pallas in Lapland, Finland. (Alexander Kuznetsov/All About Lapland/Reuters)

Northern lights Finland

The northern lights seen near the village of Pallas (Muonio region) of Lapland, Finland. (Alexander Kuznetsov/All About Lapland/Reuters)

The sun erupted in an X9.3 solar flare on Thursday, followed by a coronal mass ejection, or CME. The X-class of solar flares are among the most powerful. A second, weaker X-class flare followed.

The particles ejected by the CME then travelled along the solar wind, interacting with Earth's magnetosphere, producing the beautiful colours.

The geomagnetic storm subsided for a while on Friday, but then increased sharply again. 

If you missed the display, you may get another chance: there is a chance of more northern lights Friday into Saturday.