Online hangout MySpace added more friends in November to pass Yahoo in U.S. web traffic for the first time, according to research company Comscore Media Matrix.

MySpace recorded 38.7 billion U.S. page views last month, compared with 38.1 billion for Yahoo Inc., according to thenumbers leaked in an analyst report from UBS Investment Research on Tuesday in advance of a report expected later in the week.

It was a 2 per cent increase over October and triple the 12.5 billion recorded in November 2005.

Comscore warned the results could be a one-month aberration and might also be due to Yahoo's decision to use Ajax technology for some of its service. Ajax is a set of tools for e-mail, maps and other services that allows users to summon data without having to pull a new web page. The technology speeds up web applications but would lower page views.

Yahoo remains the leader in unique visitors with 130 million in November, while Fox Interactive ranked sixth with 73.8 million, including 57.2 million for MySpace.

The rapid rise of page views for MySpace may have to do with the site itself, which encourages visitors to make friends through personal profiles, photo sharing and messaging.

A Comscore report in the fall also showed that only 30 per cent of MySpace visitors are under 25,underscoring its broadening popularity among an older audience.

The results come just a week after Yahoo announced a major restructuring of its organization.

Yahoo's market value has dropped by 30 per cent in 2006 to $37 billion US, well below Google's $149 billion. Yahoo has also been frustrated by its inability to buy video site, the second biggest social networking site behind MySpace.

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