More genetically modified corn recalled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA, released Thursday a list of 300 recalled products made with genetically modified corn that hasn't been approved for human consumption.

The products include tortillas, taco shells and snack chips made gene-altered corn known as StarLink.

Genetically modified corn has been causing problems over the past few weeks.

In September, Kraft Foods Ltd. recalled Taco Bell brand taco shells that were selling in grocery stores under the Kraft name. Taco Bell also replaced all of the shells in their restaurants.

In October, Texas-based Mission Foods Co. recalled all its products made with yellow corn after finding some contained the genetically engineered corn. Mission Foods also ships taco shells to stores in Canada but the company wouldn't say which stores sell their product as some relabel it under their own name.

The FDA hasn't approved Starlink corn because of a risk it may cause people to have mild allergic reactions.

The recall affects tortillas and chips sold at Applebees and Wendy's restaurants and taco shells carrying the labels of supermarket chains such as Safeway, Food Lion, IGA and Albertson's.

The genetically modified corn, which was grown last year, slipped into the food supply when it was mixed in with other corn. The food inspection agency are also looking into whether any of this year's crop has got on to the market, having been unable to trace about 1.2 million bushels, or 1.5 per cent of the total Starlink harvest.