LG Electronics introduced a wristwatch cellphone at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday in Las Vegas. No pricing details were available. ((LG))

Las Vegas — LG Electronics kicked off media day at the Consumer Electronics Show in true science-fiction style, unveiling a fully functional wristwatch cellphone.

"This is something you expect to see in a 007 movie," LG chief technology officer Woo Paik said at the company's news conference on Wednesday.

The watch-phone, which LG expects to be available for sale in the second half of the year, works on GSM networks such as the one operated by Rogers in Canada, and features a touch screen.

The device can detect its user's voice within 25 centimetres and has Bluetooth connectivity so an earpiece can be used. Incoming calls and text messages are displayed on the watch face.

The watch-phone will likely be a luxury device aimed at older, wealthier buyers. No price was disclosed.

LG also announced a series of wireless electronics for the living room, including Blu-ray players and home theatre systems, that feature wireless connectivity, which is expected to a major theme at this year's annual gadget-fest.

The company's 2009 Blu-ray players will replace wired connections with wireless High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), a method of sending information digitally that will transmit uncompressed video to a television at speeds up to three gigabits per second.

LG also announced its 2009 LCD and plasma TVs will feature a 3-D mode, which will allow viewers to watch three-dimensional films. All of the major movie studios are on board to supply content, LG said.

All of the major television manufacturers are expected to push 3-D technology at this year's CES.

"3-D is the next big wave," Paik said.

LG also pounced on another of this year's trend — television-internet connectivity — with an announcement that its 2009 TVs will have direct download capability with U.S. movie download service Netflix, as well as YouTube and Yahoo's video widgets.