A worker watches a show in 3-D at the Sony booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The showroom floor opens on Thursday. ((Paul Sakuma/Associated Press))

LG Electronics said Wednesday it will introduce its first 3-D capable flat panel TV for the U.S. market in May.

Competitors such as Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp. are expected to follow the South Korean company with similar announcements of 3-D televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The industry, buoyed by renewed interest in 3-D technology in movie theatres, is expected to make a major push to get consumers equipping their home entertainment systems with the technology.

Sony executive deputy president Hiroshi Yoshioka said in November that a third to a half of all Sony TV sets sold annually will have 3-D features by 2013.

LG has not announced prices for its new 3-D sets, but Tim Alessi, director of product development at LG Electronics USA, said the TVs will likely cost about $200 to $300 U.S. more than comparable sets without 3-D functions.

On Tuesday two major U.S. networks — ESPN and Discovery — announced plans to create stations that send 3-D TV signals into American homes.

ESPN's new channel could be operating as early as this year's first FIFA World Cup soccer match on June 11.

It plans to offer live sports events, including 25 World Cup matches, basketball and football on the 3-D network, to be launched initially in the U.S. Viewers would need both a special TV and 3-D glasses.

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