A U.S. federal judge has denied Apple Inc.'s demands for an immediate victory in a multibillion-dollar patent trial as punishment for Samsung Electronics Inc.'s decision to issue a controversial press release on the first day of testimony.

The San Jose Mercury News reported Friday that U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request after polling the nine jurors to determine whether they read media accounts based on the press release.

Samsung attorney Michael Quinn authorized the release Tuesday, which complained about Koh's exclusion of evidence favorable to Samsung. The release also included the evidence.

Apple claimed the release was designed to taint the jury in the trial, which is taking place in San Jose, Calif.

Quinn countered that Samsung has a right to release documents that are publicly available.

Koh says she's satisfied jurors have not read any reports on the matter.

Samsung and Apple are going head to head in a San Jose, Calif., courtroom over Apple's claims that the rival cellphone maker copied its smartphone and tablet designs.

The closely watched patent trial began Monday and is one of several involving the two tech giants.