Internet TV startup Joost on Monday confirmed that shows from CBS Corp. will be available to users of its free, on-demand, streaming video service when it launches this spring.

Yvette Alberdingkthijm, the executive vice-president of content strategy and acquisition for Joost creator Baaima NV,verified the arrangement in a post on the project's blog on Monday.

"I'm extremely pleased to tell you that America's most-watched network will be available on the Joost platform when we launch this spring," Alberdingkthijm wrote.

"CBS has signed a deal with Joost to make top current and classic programming available for free to our viewers.

"That means that you will soon have on-demand access to programs like CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, CBS Evening News, CBS Sportsline, Survivor and much more."

CBS announced on April 12 that it had inked online video-distribution partnerships with Joost, AOL, Microsoft and others. On April 13, CBS vice-president of communications Shannon Jacobs told CBC News Online that she expected CBS content could be available online by the summer.

The agreement means that, if Joost successfully launches, CBS will become the first major U.S. network to offer television shows free through a broadcast-quality, on-demand streaming video service.

Joost, created by the Skype Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, has promised to offer what it calls a "secure, efficient, piracy-proof internet platform" to protect copyrighted content.

The service is currently in closed trials, which people can only gain access to through an invitation from the company or existing testers.