Interac’s e-Transfer service allows people to send money by email from their account to another person’s account at the same or a different financial institution. It started having problems on Oct. 1.

Some customers are still "having issues" with Interac e-transfers, the Interac Association acknowledged Thursday, after more than a week of service disruptions.

"While RBC is currently functioning, some are having issues. We'll take a look," the company tweeted Thursday morning in response to customer complaints, hours after announcing it had restored problems experienced by RBC customers.

It advised customers having problems to call 1-855-789-2979.

The RBC problems resurfaced Wednesday afternoon. Previously, the company had announced that it had resolved the problem Tuesday night.

The company said e-Transfers were working at other financial institutions. However, email notifications were still being delayed in some cases.

The Canada-wide problems with Interac’s e-Transfer service, which allows a person to send money by email from an account to another person’s account at the same or a different financial institution, began on Oct. 1. People could initiate a transfer, but the recipient couldn’t deposit the funds.

The company announced that it had resolved the problems on Oct. 2, but it wasn’t long before customers started reporting issues again.

Not a security breach

Interac spokeswoman Caroline Hubberstey told CBC Calgary that the problem was a technical issue and wasn’t because of a security breach.

She said that instructions on how and where to transfer the money were garbled within the system.

Interac did a technology upgrade on Sunday and continued to see intermittent issues on Monday. While the service was working at most financial institutions by Monday afternoon, it was still down for RBC customers until 10:20 p.m. Tuesday.

The Interac Association is a not-for-profit corporation that runs debit card services for more than 200 banks and financial institutions across Canada. Its subsidiary, Acxsys Corporation, develops, operates and manages ancillary services such as the Interac e-Transfer service.