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Firms that make surround-sound headphones for video gamers and a unique wind turbine are two of 25 being showcased in Toronto on Dec. 7.

All 25 are scheduled to make presentations about their technology at the Canadian Innovation Exchange conference after being named "Canada's hottest innovation companies" by a selection committee, largely made up of members from the finance and venture capital industries.

Robert Montgomery, co-chair of the annual conference that first launched in 2008, said the event brings together investors, entrepreneurs, customers, technology companies (including potential partners) and other participants in the innovation companies. The companies were chosen from more than 200 applicants in three categories:

  • Clean tech.
  • Digital media.
  • Information and communication technologies.

They were judged based on their product, market opportunity, business model and depth of management.

Full list of nominees


  • Calisolar (Vaughan, Ont.)
  • ENBALA Power Networks (Toronto)
  • Nemalux LED Lighting (Calgary)
  • GreenMantra Recycling Systems (Toronto)
  • Global Emissions (Whitby, Ont.)
  • Global Wind Group Inc. (Winnipeg, Man.)

Digital media

  • Adenyo (Ottawa)
  • Psyko Audio Labs (Calgary)
  • Social Game Universe (Toronto)
  • TrendHunter (Toronto)
  • Chaordix (Calgary)
  • Chango (Toronto)
  • Wantsa (Vancouver)
  • 360 Replays Ltd  (Brandon, Man.)
  • gShift Labs (Barrie, Ont.)

Information and communication technologies

  • Kobo Books (Toronto)
  • Bluecat Networks (Toronto)
  • GestureTek (Toronto)
  • Ethoca (Toronto)
  • Locationary (Toronto)
  •  Xtreme Labs (Toronto)
  • Teldio (Kanata, Ont.)
  • cfactor Works (Saskatoon)
  • Tungle Corp. (Montreal)
  • Vineyard Networks (Kelowna, B.C.)