Hackers aim for space

Competing groups of hackers are engaged in an amateur space race. CBC's Spark spoke to them about how and why they're trying to get to the moon and beyond.

Now that the United States has severely cut back its space program, independent groups and private companies are working on getting into space — including at least two groups of European computer hackers.

A German hacker collective called the Chaos Computer Club recently put out the call for a three-phase space program that aims to put a hacker on the moon in 23 years.

Meanwhile, the Copenhagen Suborbitals, founded four years ago, successfully launched a rocket into space in June. 

Both groups say their approach is to work in an open-source environment.  

Jens Ohlig of the Chaos Computer Club and Peter Madsen, co-founder of the Copenhagen Suborbitals, spoke to Cinnamon Nippard, a Berlin-based contributor to CBC's Spark, about why they're aiming for space and some of the challenges they face.