A view of Whistler in Google Street View.View Larger Map

Google is expanding its popular Street View mapping service to "nearly all of the country," and is heading back for a re-shoot of Windsor, Ont.

Starting next week, Google will spend the next few months photographing streets in cities and towns in all provinces and territories, the company announced on Monday. Once finished, Canada will join the United States, United Kingdom and France in having nationwide Street View, Google said.

Street View, which launched in Canada in 2009, currently covers 150 cities and towns in the country, the company said.

Users will be able to check out which cities and towns are currently being photographed by Google's specially equipped cars on the Google Maps Canada website.

The company also said it was heading back to Windsor to take new pictures, after city officials complained about the existing photos, which were taken during the long municipal workers' strike last summer. The current photos show unkempt streets and garbage piles in many locations.

"Every so often we redo cities and we saw interest from the public and the city in returning to Windsor, so we're doing it," a spokesperson for Google Canada said.

Google first rolled out Street View in the United States in 2007, but hit a speed bump in coming to Canada and other countries after Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said the service may violate privacy laws.

Google agreed to add technology to Street View that would blur things such as people's faces and licence plate numbers.