Monday’s Google doodle marks the 66th anniversary of an alien crash-landing on Earth, depending on what you believe.

On July 7, 1947, an airborne object crashed to Earth near Roswell, N.M., kicking off decades of conspiracy theories and accusations of government cover-ups.

On July 8, 1947, a U.S. Air Force spokesman said a "flying disc" had crashed near Roswell, but later that day, an Air Force general said that the object was just a weather balloon. The rapid reclassification, coupled with the original press release's repeated references to a "disc," helped fuel public fascination with flying saucers.

Decades later, the Roswell incident remains shrouded in mystery. Today, Google lets you play a role in it.

In this version of the infamous event, a flying saucer has indeed crashed on a farm, and in a short, B-movie-style video game, you control an alien visitor rushing to rebuild his saucer and escape Earth.

Since you're flying alone in the game, it's presumably some other unlucky pilot who appears in those alien autopsy videos.