Gmail, Google Documents hit by service disruption

Up to half of all Gmail users experienced service disruptions for several hours on Monday. Service was restored around 10 p.m. ET, hours later than expected.

Gmail service has been restored, Google says

Google has estimated that delays with some of its services will be fixed by 7 p.m. ET. (iStock)

Up to half of all Gmail users experienced service disruptions for several hours on Monday. As of 10 p.m. ET, an announcement on the search giant's website said its popular email service was back up and running, albeit hours later than expected.

Disruptions also affected Google Documents and Google Presentations.

Google first reported on its Apps Status Dashboard at 10:25 a.m. ET that it was investigating disruptions. It later confirmed that the delivery of some messages was being delayed and attachments were failing to download.

As of 2:05 p.m., Google estimated that the delays were affecting “less than 50 per cent of Gmail users” — up dramatically from an earlier estimate of 0.024 per cent.

At 3 p.m., Google anticipated the problem would be resolved within the hour. At 4 p.m., that time frame was extended for another three hours.

The latest update says service had already been restored for some users and estimated the problem would be fully resolved within three hours. The company predicted problems with Google Documents and Google Presentations would be resolved around the same time.


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