More than 670 people reported seeing a large fireball shoot through the sky over the northeastern U.S. and southern Ontario on Saturday, according to the American Meteor Society.

As of Monday afternoon, 674 people reported the giant streak of light to the non-profit organization that tracks meteoric activity.

The reports were primarily from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but some people in the Greater Toronto Area also saw the cosmic display. 

Sightings were also reported in Virginia, Washington, Maryland, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.


More than 670 people in the U.S. and Ontario reported seeing a fireball in the sky on Saturday night. (Google Maps/American Meteor Society)

Some people captured footage on their phones and dashcams.

Fireballs are bright meteors that burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. The meteor society estimates that thousands of them occur  every day, but mostly over the ocean or in remote uninhabited regions.