The Canadian  Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Friday reviewed and modified its 2007decision on the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc., a new consumer agency established by service providers last year.

After reviewing the industry's request for modifications to its December 2007 decision, the broadcasting and telecommunications regulator decided to maintain the agency's mandatory membership requirement, but only for a period of three years, the CRTC said in a news release.

Membership in the independent consumer complaints body is mandatory for all telecoms service providers whose annual revenues exceed $10 million, and prior to Friday's decision was for a lifetime.

At the end of three years, the CRTC will review the need for that requirement, it said. No extension of the mandatory provision can take place without a new CRTC decision.

In addition, the CRTC clarified the conditions under which the commissioner can provide remedies related to customer complaints.

For example, when a consumer is awarded monetary compensation related to a dispute with a service provider, the award will be limited to direct financial loss incurred as a result of service shortcomings.

Finally, should the agency receive a collective complaint, the maximum monetary compensation for that complaint will be $5,000, regardless of the number of complainants, the CRTC said.