YouTube videos will make their television debut in June with the help of Apple Inc.'s video-streaming set-top box, Apple announced Wednesday.

The Apple TV remote device is one of a number of set-top boxes designed to move digital content from a user's computer to a TV set, a capability that is expected to open internet-based videos to a wider audience.

But before Wednesday's announcement, Apple TV was limited to streaming content from the user's iTunes personal library.

"This is the first time users can easily browse, find and watch YouTube videos right from their living room couch, and it's really, really fun," said Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive.

"YouTube is a worldwide sensation, and Apple TV is bringing it directly from the internet onto the widescreen TV."

Thousands of current and popular YouTube videos will be available on Apple TV when the feature launches in mid-June. The website's full catalog will be available by year's end, Apple said.

The move could also make the set-top box more attractive to Canadian consumers, who so far have had less use for the device because Apple's iTunes store does not sell video featuresin Canada because of broadcast rights restrictions, which require Apple to negotiate separate deals with Canadian broadcasters tooffer programs.

Apple TV, which began shipping in March, sells at a retail price of $349 in Canada.