Apple has been told by a U.S. federal judge to disclose to rival Samsung the licensing terms of a settlement it made with Taiwanese hardware maker HTC.

The ruling in San Jose, Calif., says the agreement is "attorneys-eyes-only," meaning the contents can't be made public, Bloomberg News reported.

Apple and Samsung are embroiled in lawsuits against one another that range across several jurisdictions, mainly concerning patents related to its handheld computers and phones.

Apple had accused HTC of copying unique iPhone features. On Nov. 10, Apple settled all global lawsuits with HTC and agreed to a 10-year licensing deal.

Samsung argued that HTC's agreement with Apple would be relevant to the current case.

Last week, the judge allowed Samsung to include the new iPhone 5 in its patent-infringement claims. This week, the company went further, asking that the new iPad Mini be included in its claim, along with the iPad 4, the iPod Touch 5 and three earlier versions of the iPod Touch.