The share of mobile internet traffic from iPads was highest in Canada, compared to 12 other countries studied, including the U.S., the U.K. and Japan. ((Associated Press))

When Canadians are using the internet away from a computer, the vast majority are on an i-something.

Apple products accounted for about 83 per cent of the internet traffic in Canada in May that went across non-computer devices, according to a new report from measurement firm comScore.   

Canadians ranked highest in the world in terms of relying on their iPads to use the internet, with 33.5 per cent of non-computer traffic tied to Apple's tablets.

A little more usage, 34.6 per cent, came from iPhone users and 14.9 per cent was associated with iPod touch devices.

The other competing tablets barely registered in the study, with Android devices driving only 0.4 per cent of traffic and other tablets, including Research in Motion's PlayBook, accounting for 1.3 per cent.

In the mobile phone category, 8.2 per cent of all non-computer traffic was through Android devices and 3.6 per cent came through other smartphones.

Canada had one of the lowest rates of Android smartphone usage. In the U.S., 35.6 per cent of its non-computer traffic was tied to Android smartphones, which was about 12 per cent more than the iPhone.

ComScore also studied how digital readers are visiting newspaper websites and found 95.5 per cent of all traffic came from computers. About 2.2 per cent of the traffic was through mobile phones and 1.9 per cent was via tablets.