3D printing is poised to revolutionize not only the manufacturing world but the food industry as well, says CBC science columnist Torah Kachur.

She thinks the Foodini 3D printer may just be the thing to get the nerdy chef on your list this year. Boasting the ability to print a pizza or a chocolate replica of your child’s face, the Foodini, manufactured by Barcelona-based Natural Machines, promises to transform your kitchen into a hub for clever food creations.


CBC science columnist Torah Kachur.

"You can eat your mistakes, so that's good," she told CBC Ottawa's All in a Day"And you'd have just the holiday treats that are the envy of everyone on the block."

Kachur says 3D printing of food is not without its drawbacks, as the preparation can be elaborate and there still isn’t a robot to do the cooking or cleaning of your printed masterpieces.

But she adds that using the technology is simpler than you might think.