In Canada, the national average temperature for 2010 was 3.0 C above normal, which smashes the previous record of 2.5 C above normal set in 1998. ((CBC) )

Last year was Canada's warmest year on record and tied 2005 for the hottest worldwide.

The average global land surface temperatures in 2010 were 1 C above the average for the 20th century — the warmest since record-keeping began in 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Wednesday.

Global ocean surface temperatures were tied with 2005 for the third-warmest on record. The year was also the wettest on record, in terms of average global precipitation.

In Canada, the national average temperature for the year 2010 was 3.0 C above normal, based on preliminary data, Environment Canada reported in its annual climate trends and variations bulletin, released earlier this week.

That makes it the warmest year on record since nationwide records began in 1948. The previous warmest year,1998, was just 2.5 C above normal.

The report said the entire country experienced above-normal temperatures, but Nunavut and northern Quebec were most extreme, with average temperatures at least 4 C above normal. Atlantic Canada was only 2.1 C above normal, but that still made 2010 the region's warmest on record.

Overall, Canada has warmed an average of 1.6 C over the past 63 years.