Tamil Migrants

The National's coverage of the situation surrounding the Tamil migrants who fled Sri Lanka to Canada aboard the MV Sun Sea and how Canadians are reacting.

On Friday, August 13, a cargo ship carrying nearly 500 Tamil migrants arrived off the coast of British Columbia. The migrants fled the war-ravaged country of Sri Lanka to make refugee claims in Canada. Since their arrival, the migrants have been detained in Vancouver-area jails. The government believes some of the migrants are members of the Tamil Tigers, who are outlawed in Canada as a terrorist group.  It is expected the Immigration and Refugee Board will require considerable time to hear all the cases.

At the 2010 RTNDA Awards, Adrienne Arsenault's report 'Risking it all' won the Dan McArthur Award. Adrienne, along with producer Cedric Monterio, took viewers to Chennai in Southern India to find out who the Tamil migrants are and why they are willing to risk so much to get here. This award goes to the station with the best in-depth or investigative reporting.