A British Columbia judge is now pondering whether sperm donors in Canada should remain anonymous or be forced to release their identities so their children can learn about their roots.


Olivia Pratten is suing the B.C. government for changes in the B.C. Adoption Act to allow the offspring of sperm, egg and embryo donors to find out who their donors are. ((Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press))

Lawyers for Olivia Pratten, a woman conceived through sperm donation, wrapped up their case in a Vancouver court yesterday.

The 28-year-old journalist is fighting to ensure donor records are preserved indefinitely and children can have access to the records when they turn 19.

Pratten has fought for years to learn her biological father's identity, but was eventually told the doctor legally destroyed the records in the 1990s.

She then decided to sue the B.C. government on behalf of other children who still have hopes of learning their parentage.

Government lawyers maintain that major policy decisions should be left to politicians.

The judge has reserved her decision in the case.