Snowy, slippery conditions on Coquihalla

Snowy and slippery conditions on the Coquihalla create problems for truckers

Snow clearing crews are trying to keep up with higher than average snowfall on the route

A massive snowfall made the B.C. road treacherous for truckers 1:40

The Coquihalla Highway was a snowy, slippery mess on Monday following a winter storm the previous night.

More than 180 centimetres of snow has fallen on the route over the past week. That's about 20 centimetres more than what is usual for this time of year.

Snow clearing crews have been working non-stop trying to keep up.

Inspectors from the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement are stopping and checking trucks on the highway, ensuring they have chains on their tires and ordering some trucks to turn back.

The Coquihalla was closed for several hours Saturday so crews could manage the avalanche risk.

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