Allan, Andrew and Chantal join Peter tonight to dissect week two of the federal election campaign.  Have any issues or announcements grabbed the interest of voters, and why, or why not?  Plus, the panel looks ahead to the debates next week.

WATCH VIDEO of the 1968 leaders' debate at CBC Digital Archives

The leaders of Canada's four national parties spar on their biggest stage yet as CBC hosts Canada's first televised debate. Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau, Robert Stanfield and Réal Caouette push their policies on health care, foreign relations and the Criminal Code and use media's biggest stage to sell themselves as the man to lead Canada.

Broadcast Date: June 9, 1968


Leaders' debate: Send your question

Imagine posing your question directly to a federal leader during debate night April 12.  Now's your chance!

What do you want to ask? What pressing issue will help make your decision? We want to know what you really care about.

Email the question you want to ask one or all of the leaders to