Russell Williams, the disgraced former Canadian Forces colonel serving life in prison for two murders and numerous sex assaults, has reached settlements with several of his victims, according to lawyers.

Williams was sentenced to life after pleading guilty to two murders, as well as scores of sexual assaults and break-ins in 2010.

On Tuesday, lawyer Michael Pretsell confirmed a settlement had been reached in lawsuits against Williams, including one by the family of one of his murder victims, Jessica Lloyd, and his first sexual assault victim, named only as Jane Doe.

Pretsell also confirmed the legal action against Williams’s ex-wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, had been dropped.

"We are pleased to announce that the actions commenced at Belleville on behalf of the victims of Russell Williams, being Roxanne and Andy Lloyd, and Jane Doe, have been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties," Pretsell said in a statement to CBC News on Tuesday morning.

Pretsell added that the families don’t wish to speak further about the settlement.

No financial aspects of the agreement were made public.

Williams, once a rising star at CFB Trenton in eastern Ontario, kept a cottage in nearby Tweed and a house in Ottawa at the time the crimes were committed.

At least one other lawsuit against Williams, filed by sexual assault victim Laurie Massicotte, remains active, Pretsell said, though he is not involved in that case. 

With files from The Canadian Press