Rich and Powerful

A multi-part special hosted by Wendy Mesley

The world's economy may still be shaky, but a handful of rich and influential Canadians have never had more wealth or power.  In a special program on The National, Wendy Mesley reveals the inside story on Canada's new rich and powerful - the big money, powerful jobs and wave-making decisions that have the world watching Canada's new power elite.  Who are they? How did they make their money? And just what are they doing with it?  

Aired Sunday, March 6

As the world's economy slowly grips for stability, many companies are turning to Canadians to lead them into success. In a series of reports by Arisa Cox, Susan Ormiston and David Common, The National introduces you to Canadians from small-towns and cities who are making a big stamp in international posts. From the heads of multi-national companies, to Hollywood, to the Canadian who is now one of the UK's most highly paid civil servants, we'll show how the Canadian way is spreading around the world through these successful citizens.